IMPA Education opens a call for contributors

The IMPA Education team has embarked on a new journey this year: creating an Entry-Level Marine Purchasing Online Education Programme. This will be a comprehensive course aimed at junior-level purchasers and suppliers in the maritime industry. And we need your help!

Over the past 10-15 years, there has been a steady migration of many hundreds of marine purchasing and more senior procurement roles from high-cost countries to lower cost locations, such as the Philippines and India. This transition has resulted in a drop in subject matter knowledge in many maritime organisations, and often a higher turnover in staff. There has been a simultaneous change on board many ships, with senior officers often no longer returning to the same vessel following their shore leave.

Both above mentioned changes have resulted in a drop in knowledge of the global marine supply chain and its complexities. This can have a direct negative impact to the daily running costs of a vessel and can also create significant inefficiencies within both purchasing and supplier organisations.

Enter IMPA. The Association has been the voice of the marine procurement for more than four decades, and is a global platform for collaboration, learning, and topical debate. There has and always will be a role for IMPA to play in the education of our membership, with limited options available in the market for industry specific procurement training.

The IMPA entry-level programme will be designed to educate marine purchasers and suppliers who are new, or relatively new, to the maritime industry. It will become the ‘go to’ guide for all companies and will help IMPA connect with many more parts of the maritime industry. It will include many topics, including:

  • Introduction to the Maritime Industry
  • Understanding the Key Players in the Maritime Supply Chain
  • Marine Purchasing & Procurement
  • Marine Logistics
  • Marine Supply Chain and Technology
  • Sustainability and Procurement

For the programme to be shaped to the right standard, however, we need keen collaborators from our network who want to join our core working group and give us a helping hand, in order to ensure that we are developing a fantastic course that companies can tap into to train their junior procurement professionals.

We are therefore opening up a call for collaborators. This remains opened until Monday, 3rd July 2023.

Do you have the necessary experience, knowledge and/or expertise to help with any of the above topics and modules? Do you want to be a part of our task force of volunteers that are working towards the first-of-its-kind beginner’s course aimed at maritime purchasers and suppliers?

Then we kindly ask you, by Monday, 3rd July 2023, to:

1. Reach out to Jasmine who manages the IMPA Education portfolio and let us know you are interested in joining the working group, as well as how you could lend your experience and knowledge to help us. Complete our Contact Form available at

2. Sign our standard Contributor Licence Agreement, a pre-requisite for joining the task force.

The Programme will offer students a basic-level understanding of the maritime industry and its main players, the key roles in the marine supply chain, the various elements of marine purchasing, procurement and logistics, as well as the more recent developments in technology and sustainability. Delivered online with no time limits, the IMPA Entry-Level Marine Purchasing Education Programme will aim to be the perfect choice for professionals or students with busy daily schedules who prefer to take the course in time, at their own pace, and ensure their smoother integration into the maritime world. It will be a foundation-level programme that will dovetail into the more senior-level education programmes.

We hope you will consider joining us.