IMPA Singapore Supporter Goes Carbon Neutral

Today we are pleased to welcome long-standing IMPA supporter, Chiefmar back for our upcoming IMPA Singapore event this November.

Chiefmar reached out to us with some fantastic news, which you can read below:

“Being a step ahead is in the DNA of Chiefmar, from the very beginning as the first alternative supplier to the genuine maker, up to today when environmental sustainability became a pillar years before it became a global trend.

Chiefmar has developed paramount activities regarding environmental sustainability, one for all the renowned “green packing deal” based on several micro-actions and now, on top, Chiefmar is Carbon Neutral. We are very proud of this milestone, but because we feel engaged and responsible, we have also developed a policy to reduce our carbon footprint significantly. 

Celebrating carbon neutrality to sail to the carbon negativity.”

We congratulate them on their commitment to the environment and this latest accomplishment!