The IMPA Events Team Welcomes Wells Offshore as IMPA London Supporter

The Medical and Pharmaceutical Supply Specialist is Sponsoring at Exhibiting at IMPA London 2022

We reached out to them to learn more about their products and services. Read below:

“Wells Offshore are a wholesaler of medical and pharmaceutical supplies to the Shipping Industry, major Oil & Gas/Mining companies, and the Cruise industry. Wells Offshore operates with 30+ dedicated staff with decades of experience in this sector. They are ISO:9001 certified and hold a WDA license and an Export and Controlled drug license. In addition, they are one of two Lloyds Register accredited manufacturers of life raft kits (LFAK) in the UK.

Wells Offshore have supplied medical stores to Merchant Ships (Freight and Passenger) for many years and has pharmacists and support staff fully trained on Merchant Shipping Regulations. They also undertake inspections and certification of ships’ medical stores to UK and overseas requirements to ensure all ships comply with the relevant Flag state regulations. Their inventory supports all major Flag state requirements and, with key relationships with a multitude of Suppliers in the UK and Globally, aims to provide competitive pricing to all customers.

Now purchased and managed by The Day Lewis Group, one of the largest independent pharmacy chains in the UK. Wells offshore continues to strive and maintain the core values and principles of the parent company. A business aimed at ensuring patients, offshore or on land, have access to the same quality of healthcare products and services they deserve, in a disciplined and professional manner, whilst keeping the caring family culture.”

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you next month!

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