Welcome Back to Fuji Trading! Longstanding Supporters of IMPA and the IMPA Events

We are pleased to welcome Fuji Trading back as supporters of this year’s IMPA events, starting including the upcoming IMPA London 2022!

In 1953, Fuji Trading started as a marine supplier providing ship’s stores, provisions, and ships visiting Japan from various countries. Since then, for over 65 years, Fuji Trading has contributed significantly to the world marine business by developing the IMPA Marine Stores Guide Catalogue, which became the ‘Bible’ for marine suppliers all over the world and through expanding service fields with the establishment of Machinery Services Div. and Techno-Network Div.

By taking advantage of the worldwide network and their wealth of knowledge of the world’s articles fostered through marine supply, they created a new trend in the Japanese domestic market, imported liquors, foodstuffs, brand name products they handle.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at this year’s IMPA Events!

To find out more about the upcoming IMPA Hamburg event, click here.