IMPA hamburg Roundup

As we reflect on last week’s inaugural IMPA event in Germany, our team would like to issue some thanks…

Thank you to every visitor for attending our sessions and networking, to every speaker who delivered highly informative and relevant sessions and to every event sponsor who helped make the event possible.

Our team are already planning on making IMPA Hamburg 2023 an even better event, so watch this space for more information!

And it doesn’t end there; we will be showcasing our remaining supporters of IMPA Hamburg on our social channels, the IMPA BLOGand the IMPA Events website.

Thank you to Adamar International Ship Supply Co for sponsoring our post-event messaging.

A message to attendees

All event presentations will be provided via a private link in the coming days. These will be sent to the email you used to register for the event.

For now, you can visit our events home page, where you will find information on the subsequent events planned for 2022

IMPA London – 13th & 14th September
IMPA Greece – 27th September
IMPA Singapore – 22nd & 23rd September

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