IMPA’s Industry-leading Reference Tool Gets Latest Update

The Marine Stores Guide 8th Edition is Currently in Development

The leading product reference source for the maritime industry – the Marine Stores Guide (MSG), first appeared in 1978 as a printed book and is widely considered to be the world’s leading reference source for maritime purchasing and supply. Over the last 40+ years, the MSG has continually developed in content and delivery to serve our industry best and every five years looks to create the latest brand-new version.

With each new edition of the MSG, our team adds a wealth of new updates, including new items, fixes and updates to current items in the guide and the removal of unnecessary items, all of which keep the data of the MSG up to date with industry needs.

The 8th edition of the MSG will be the most environmentally focussed to date! We are working with our industry colleagues to include several sustainable products as alternatives to current MSG stores that will drastically less impact our environment. Our team have partnered with an industry working group who are in the process of identifying replacement items that offer more sustainable values, such as being recyclable, having a longer lifespan or being produced with more environmentally friendly materials.

We are also calling all of our industry for your input on the future of the MSG’s Data. Your suggestions help form the latest stores added to the MSG, and the editorial changes submitted now will be a part of the 8th edition when it launches next year.

Showcase your brand with the Marine Stores Guide

With a new edition of the MSG Data comes a brand-new version of the book and the opportunity for advertising your brand in the much-coveted and very limited advertising slots. At the time of publishing this article, there are low numbers of spaces still available.

If you are interested in adding suggestions to the Marine Stores Guide 8th edition or advertising in the brand new book, you can find more information on how to do so at