ERTEK Chemicals continue to support IMPA Events by joining IMPA Hamburg.

We reached out to them to learn about their products and what they’re looking forward to about IMPA Hamburg.

Who are Ertek Chemicals, and How are you changing the market? 

We are a Marine Chemicals manufacturing company specializing in ‘Cleaning and Treatment.’ 

We established in 1999 and have our Headquarters in Istanbul, and opened a second factory in China in 2015, global warehouses in Rotterdam, Singapore, Dubai, Barcelona and upcoming warehouses in Houston & Panama.

What makes your product special?

Our refined formulas have not only provided quality as an outcome but have also reduced costs. Also tailors to the consumer’s custom needs, offering a wide variety of products ranging from Cargo Hold Cleaners/Coatings, IMO approved Tank Cleaning Chemicals, Water Treatments, Fuel Oil Treatments/Additives and Maintenance Chemicals etc.

What are you hoping to get the most out of IMPA Hamburg 2022

We look forward to increasing our exposure in the international market by building strong new relations & connections face to face with the IMPA community. 

Welcome back to the IMPA Events in 2022, and thank you for your continued support!