IMPA SAVE in 2022: Making Progress, Waves and Plans

No fewer than 34 major shipping companies have now joined the first IMPA SAVE movement for drastically reducing single-use plastic drinking water bottles onboard their vessels, and the team at IMPA SAVE is already discussing plans for the next milestones. Read on to catch up on progress and plans for 2022.

With the recent joining of Algoma Central Corporation, Star Bulk and Anglo-Eastern Univan Group in early 2022, the first IMPA SAVE movement – Getting to Zero – has now amassed 7000+ vessels committed to kick plastic drinking water bottles before 2025. That is more than 13% of the global fleet! Progress reports are pouring in with some companies still exploring the IMPA SAVE Directory for alternative solutions, others already knee-deep into installing systems onboard vessels and others looking to maintain the success achieved so far (yes, there are a handful of companies that now have freshwater generators onboard their entire fleet!). And the work on progressing this campaign is not planning to stop, with our outreach efforts continuing more than ever before, especially now that our annual events are back on track.

Earlier in March 2022, the IMPA SAVE working group reconvened to discuss the trajectory of the initiative and see where the team should go from here. While it is true that we have been making good progress (and even some waves) in our fight against plastic, waste management and waste reduction are much bigger and wider mountains to climb, so the SAVE reach needs to expand to ensure a bigger impact. Many ideas and plans were discussed, but here are some of the things which will definitely receive some focus in the following months.

The fight against single-use plastic drinking water bottles continues

First and foremost, Getting to Zero is not stopping here and this campaign remains very much at the forefront of IMPA SAVE agenda. This campaign is one that has gained major traction in the industry so far and, with four major events planned for 2022 in Hamburg, London, Singapore and Athens, the team plans to place plastic reduction at the top of the programme in each of these conferences. We are bound to see 25% of the industry committed to reduce before the end of the year!

IMPA SAVE team to agree on a pledge for maritime suppliers and manufacturers

All IMPA SAVE Council members are in full agreement; while IMPA SAVE has so far organised a pledge and accountability mechanism offering ship-owners and ship-managers an platform to commit and work towards advancing the Sustainable Development Goals, it has yet to offer the same to suppliers and manufacturers in maritime. The team is therefore researching the various possibilities that could see suppliers engage in the IMPA SAVE movement as well, whether this will mean committing to reduce waste, achieve a high score in the IMPA Green Business Bureau programme for green efforts across the board or even increase the percentage of energy used that comes from renewable energy. We are also inviting feedback from the industry’s suppliers and manufacturers and asking them to tell us what they think the next IMPA SAVE pledge for them should be. Just get in touch with the team at The team will be happy to hear from you.

Research work around the management of waste in ports around the world is starting soon

Waste management is one of the two main streams of work for IMPA SAVE (the other being waste reduction). It is a known issue that waste management in ports around the world is oftentimes very poor and, despite crews correctly sorting waste onboard, the port reception facilities on land are not adequate. Poor waste management contributes to climate change and air pollution, and directly affects many ecosystems and species, and the IMPA SAVE team is aware this is a challenge that needs to be surmounted. This year, the team will begin researching what can be done and what sort of initiative can be taken to improve existing facilities.

The work with waste reduction continues and the Marine Stores Guide is stepping in to help as well

Waste reduction is central to the IMPA SAVE agenda (and why we have started with Getting to Zero) and this is because the ultimate answer to sustainability is choosing more sustainable options and, where possible, using less. In 2022, the Marine Stores Guide, the world’s leading reference for maritime purchasing and supply chain professionals, is jumping in with its next 8th edition to help companies in maritime choose new, greener products as alternatives to the usual options.