IMPA Hamburg’s Support Continues with MESH Joining the Event

Find out more about what they do and how you can meet them at this year’s event!

Who are MESH, and How are you changing the market?

MESH is the maritime marketplace.

The German startup company is there to digitalise the ship supply chain and increase the crew welfare on board and ashore.

They combine the process of maritime procurement of provisions and stores with a sustainable and digital platform to reduce workload and raise the quality of the supplies.

MESH is the only order and monitoring tool to ensure a varied, sufficient and healthy diet on board besides detailed budget control.

What makes your product/services special?

Today’s stores and provisions procurement is exhausting because of repeating discussions about quantities and budgets. It’s a complex process for shipping companies and vessels, but finally, nobody is really happy with the result.

Vessels don’t get what they have ordered, and shipping companies and suppliers or caterers have a huge workload with the administration before and after the delivery.

Digital procurement brings perfect catering (provisions & stores)

MESH guarantees perfectly supplied vessels while at the same time ensuring budget safety and big financial savings for all partners because there is an automated budget- and consumption control.

Our vessels always get the globally unique promise to receive 100% of what is ordered as they send ready checked orders, and no one needs to cut or reduce.

Shipping companies still have the control by detailed monitoring and controlling functionalities but save their entire administration and focus on strategic topics, like spare parts, logistics, etc.

Ship suppliers who are finally actively integrated into our concept will get direct orders instead of writing hundreds of quotations every day and generate new customers on our platform.

Budget safety & savings

MESH is designed for shipping companies to sharpen their focus in procurement and trust their professionals onboard by giving them the freedom to order within allowances guided by a smart system.

Our concept saves operational and administrational time and effort so that we achieve budget savings up to 40% by simultaneously increasing the quality of service. Innovation makes it possible.

As trained ship chandlers, we are the only ones to integrate the supplier side and solve their problems of low order rates and fragmented purchase orders to achieve massive cost savings.

Easy installation & use

We think that new technology should provide easiness and convenience, but the reality in the maritime sector was often different in the past. 

We are not “just another system” to add workload; our globally unique concept is made by seafarers for seafarers and is proven onboard by 100+ vessels in 3+ years. Our focus was to create a self-explaining system, so we don’t need manuals or training.

We have respected who will work with it when they will probably work with it, how they need to work with it, and the ultimate goal.

Further, no costly installation is needed for implementation because the system is cloud-based and runs online and offline. It can be easily connected to any other software.

What are you hoping to get the most out of IMPA Hamburg?

For two years now, the (maritime) world has been lusting for personal networking events. We hope for a safe and healthy environment to meet again and have inspiring conversations with industry experts and procurement professionals.

The time of remote, digital work and required flexibility in company processes have taught us that it’s a good time to open our minds and trust in digital innovation. 

The MESH team combines the tradition of shipping with modern sustainability, which motivates us to open the sector for improvements and development.

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