A Warm Welcome to IMPA Greece 2022 Supporter, MESPAS

We are very pleased to kick off our year with a new IMPA Greece announcement regarding a longstanding IMPA, MESPAS, joining IMPA Greece.

MESPAS is an independent Swiss IT and engineering company, with subsidiaries and partners throughout the world.

Our technical ship management software enables our customers in the maritime industry to run their ships safely and efficiently, resulting in better performance, decreased costs and lower emissions.

Our e-trading platform connect.mespas.com allows ships, management offices and suppliers to digitally place and receive offers, orders and invoices.

MESPAS is the only company in the maritime industry whose products are provided on cloud-based software, with a unique library of millions of machine types, spare parts and documents, all instantly available to our customers to improve their business processes.

Thank you for your support!

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