IHM-Maintenance Made Easy with the Marine Stores Guide

IMPA is setting the course for Marine Stores Guide customers by teaming up with GSR Services and NautilusLog for making knowledge and experience of IHM easily accessible, paving the way to efficiently comply with the challenging IHM requirements for maritime suppliers and shipowners. 

Earlier this year, we announced a brand-new partnership and development for the Marine Stores Guide (MSG) to help our customers reduce their IHM-related efforts to an absolute minimum. We are delighted to announce that the service has now officially launched.

Dubbed the ‘IHM Relevancy Check’ MSG Data Licence holders with the service who use the Marine Stores Guide Online Service (MSGO) are able to export their session baskets to be evaluated in the digital solution provided by NautilusLog by comparing them with the constantly updated rules of GSR Services, which includes a thoroughly reviewed IMPA catalogue.

The relevancy information specifies whether IHM documentation (SDoC & MD) for a line item is required or not. This prevents unnecessary requests, reduces the workload for all involved to the bare minimum (shipowners, suppliers and maritime supply-chains) and eases IHM compliance for all. The results are then delivered to the user by email.

All of this is achieved by the simple click of a button!

This workload changing solution is available now and will need to be seen to be believed. Read on to find out more about IMPA’s fantastic partners who help make this happen and how to be amongst the first to purchase the service for yourself.

About GSR Services

GSR is the reputed quality service provider for effective management and documentation of hazardous materials in the maritime industry. Based on their vast experience, unmatched IHM-services are provided along the whole life cycle of ships, from manufacturers and suppliers to shipyards, shipowners, and finally ship recyclers.

GSR ensures customer-oriented solutions and full support to all stakeholders. From straightforward advice up to taking care of MD-Management for suppliers, MD-Development for manufacturers and IHM-Maintenance for ships.

About NautilusLog

NautilusLog is a Hamburg based ShipTech company leading digitalisation within the maritime industry. NautilusLog controls and automates relevant business processes, generates reports, and connects the crew with its management, partners, stakeholders, and authorities for joint activities. 

As the leading company supporting the IHM and IHM Maintenance reporting process, NautilusLog has over 2500 vessels already assigned, and more than 2000 IHM initial reports completed. They work with leading Hazmat Experts and Maintenance Professionals, such as GSR Services, across the world to ensure the complete IHM process is managed to the highest of standards. Collaborating with HazMat Experts, Maintenance Professionals, certification companies, and suppliers ensures that your complete IHM requirements are fulfilled. 

Get Involved

IHM Guidance is available to all Marine Stores Guide Data Licence holders for a modest fee and will be accessible through the Marine Stores Guide Online Service (MSGO); for those who already have a Data Licence, our team will be in touch soon to offer the service to you.

To learn more about the MSG Data Licence, MSGO and new IHM Guidance Service, contact our team today: support@marinestoresguide.com.