Introducing the new IMPA London 2021 event app!

After the success of the app we introduced for IMPA London 2019, we have decided to take things a step further this year. All who attend IMPA London 2021 will have full access to the updated app, which will allow you to:

  • Navigate the exhibition – with an interactive floor plan and breakdown of exhibitors; stand details show you more than before with show offers, informative downloads and videos.
  • View sessions – Conference, Innovation Zone, Training – no matter the subject, you can see what’s happening and plan your personal schedule on the app and add it to your digital calendar.
  • Socialise – You can network with everyone at the event! Whether you want to catch up with or meet for the first time, the app will allow you to chat via instant messages, arrange meetings and more.
  • Interact – Our sessions will have polls and Q&A options directly to the app for the first time, meaning no more waiting for your turn on the microphone.
  • Have fun – Throughout the event, you will be able to partake in interactive events on the app, upload photos and create/join group chats on subjects you’re interested in.

There is still so much to be announced about the event app and when you’ll be able to use it, which we will reveal in the coming weeks.

Our commitment to you

We are sure that the IMPA London 2021 app will benefit all attendees of the event: Visitors, Exhibitors, Speakers and Sponsors, all of which will interact and explore the event like never before.

Pre and post-event access will also be available, meaning the connections you make do not have to end when the physical event does; you will have many months after IMPA London finishes to keep using the service and communicating with each other.

Our commitment to sustainability and safety

IMPA London 2021 will be a paperless event. We are confident that everything you will need to know will be on the app. The event team have decided to not offer any handouts at our event this year to:

a. work towards a carbon-neutral event

b. increase safety by reducing physical interaction