IMPA Member Webinar on IHM and Ship Recycling: The Impact on Supply Chain Management

December 16th 2020, IMPA hosted a webinar exclusively for our members. Speakers on the session included IHM expert, Henning Gramann, CEO of GSR Services and Filippo De Ferrari, Gianfranco Schirinzi and Stefano Bertilone from RINA.

For those who missed the event or would like to refresh their memory of what we discussed, you can access the recording by logging into the members’ area: Should you have any questions or technical issues on doing that, please contact Stevie, our Membership Secretary, at

With the new regulations now being in place, it is essential to action the necessary points and meet the criteria for compliance. IMPA is now taking further steps to help our members understand what is needed to be compliant and considering options to include notice of potentially hazardous materials in our own Marine Stores Guide reference tool.

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