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About us

Help Marine started its activities in 2007 in Santos  now it has 40,000 products in stock to provide fast delivery. In last years our company has become lidering Supplier of Ships in South America, and we have received recognition as a member of IMPA (International Association of Maritime Buyers) and ShipServ.

Throughout its history, Help Marine sought professional Services, applying best practices in marketing and quality management. The company specializes in providing products and work with several product lines, marine equipment, machinery, fireworks, stationery, industrial line for repairs, tools and all needed items in shipping, shipyards, tugs, terminals, offshore  and on shore.
Help Marine unites experience in the market, strategic installation, planned and differentiated logistics professionals. Our team is always ready to serve you 24 hours a day, all 365 days of the year. For any requests Help Marine have the solution.

Where we Operate

Help Marine has a solution for any situation. Located in Santos, the company has the necessary infrastructure to offer a range of over 40 000 items to Navigation area Offshore Support, Platforms, Offshore Industry, Oil Gas, Goods for Ships and Brazilian Foreign Flags.
The strength of Help Marine’s in the product line for immediate delivery in our warehouse in Santos. The strategic location and infrastructure enables us to offer a wide range of different products, all with descriptive. Our system is integrated with IMPA and ISSA catalog, which uses codes of foreign ships and quotations in English to meet our various clients daily.

Please find below the stores served by our company: 

Anti-Piracy / Ball and sleeve Bearings / Bonded / Cabin / Chemical / Deck / Electrical / Medicines/Mooring Ropes/Hatch Cover Tape/B.A
Charts / Nautical Publication/ Safety / Stationary / Steel Items / Wire Ropes / Lub & oils / Liferafts / Embarkation Ladder / Pilot Ladder /Provision / Engine and Fire Extinguisher.

The Help Marine Company is a General Ship Supplier which covers the following the Brazilian ports ( for example 7800 km belong Brazil cost and including many locations ).

Brazil- South Ports

Rio Grande  / Porto Alegre / Guaiba  / Tramandai  / Santa Clara / Imbituba / Itajai / Navegantes / São Francisco do Sul  /  Itapoa /  Paranagua /Antonina.

 Brazil – Southeast Ports

Santos  /  São Sebastiao /  Angra dos Reis  / Itaguai  /  Sepetiba  / Guaiba Island / Mangaratiba  / Rio de Janeiro / Niteroi / Porto do Forno / Porto do Açuu/Macae/Vitoria/TVV/Ponta do Ubu/Portocel/Tubarao/Praia Mole/Capuaba/Paul.

Brazil – Northeast Ports:  

Ilheus / Salvador / Usiba / Aratu / Madre de Deus / Barra de Coqueiros  / Aracaju / Maceió / Suape / Recife / Cabedelo / Termisa Areia Branca / Natal / Pecem / Guamare/ Fortaleza/ Mucuripe/ São Luis/ Ponta da Madeira/ Alumar/ Itaqui.

Brazil – North Ports:  

Fazendinha Anchorage / Macapa / Santana Port  / Munguba Port / Jari Port  / Trombetas Port  / Santarém Port  / Belém Port / Vila do Conde Port / Barcarena Port / Manaus Port / Itacoatiara Port.

International Market

National Market

Our Mission

Promote effective and responsive service that exceeds customer expectations, thus performing deliveries in several ports in Brazil with the highest quality of operation.

Help Marine & Supplier Import and Export Maritime Products ltda.

Home Page : www.helpmarine.com.br

Direct Email: supervisao@helpmarine.com.brhelpmarine@terra.com.br and representative@helpmarine.com.br

Office Phone : 00 55 13 3219 1333

Mobile Phone . 00 55 13 98173-3161- Whatsapp  

Address : Praça Correia de Melo # 10 Centro City Santos/SP- Brazil

Zip Code 1101-3220