Kicking off the battle against plastic with the first SAVE webinar on industry alternatives to plastic water bottles

The IMPA SAVE council is proud to be bringing together more than 100 industry professionals for an exciting webinar that will explore a dilemma as old as time: how to reduce the use of plastic water drinking bottles from the world’s fleet.

An esteemed panel of solution providers will join us for 30-40 minutes on Tuesday, 7 July 2020, at 11:00 AM CET, together with representatives of the IMPA SAVE council, for a live Q&A session investigating one of the several solutions to the current global plastic waste crisis.

Following a short induction into the problem space by IMPA’s own COO Stephen Alexander and Special Ambassador for Sustainability Mikael Karlsson, the debate will kick off as follows. On the questioning side, Dorthe Meljvang (Senior Category Manager at Maersk Procurement), Allan Muir (Director of Digital Supply Chain at Teekay Shipping), John Beck (Vice President Procurement at Wilhelmsen Ship Management) and Marinos Kokkinis (General Manager at Oceanic Catering) will be taking a pragmatic approach and ask the all-important questions about the available solutions. On the answering side, Mark Knoester (Sales Manager ‘Trade’ at Hatenboer-Water BV) and Mark Hadfield (CEO of FlowWater Technologies Ltd.) will attempt to answer and clarify doubts and misunderstandings about the importance, practicality and cost-saving potential of their proposed solutions.

Both Hatenboer-Water BV and FlowWater Technologies Ltd. are industry pioneers and sustainability frontrunners, passionate about reducing plastic waste and keeping our oceans healthy, who bring forward water filtration solutions that are quick and easy to install, and are perfect for replacing plastic water bottles onboard. Members of our inquisitive council will be asking them several questions, including:

  • How does the solution look, work and how easy is it to install?
  • Clasiffication and registration needs?
  • Any regular maintenance work needed?
  • Sustainability and actual ROI?
  • Support with culture change within crews? Educational resources?

It is bound to be a fantastic knowledge-sharing session, with a lot of valuable information, and hopefully the catalyst for many professionals to jump onboard the sustainability bandwagon, pledge with IMPA SAVE and begin driving change within their own companies.

With numerous participants having already signed up to watch the webinar, the appetite for sustainability has never been bigger in our industry. And with less than a decade to go until the 2030 sustainable development targets, we need to start. It is now or never. Push or be pushed. Change is not going to drive itself, and we cannot afford to wait any longer. We need all hands on deck for a more sustainable blue economy.

Sign up for the webinar at We are looking forward to welcoming you!

P.S.: Do you have additional questions for our panel? Write them in the comment box below before or during the webinar, and we will make sure to tackle as many as we can.